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Case Study: Redesigning JavaBean Cafe's Website for Enhanced User Experience and Increased Sales

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Project Overview

Client : JavaBean Cafe, a local chain of coffee shops
Objective : To redesign the website for improved user experience and increased online sales
Tools Used : Adobe XD for design mockups, WordPress for content management, Google Analytics for data analytics
Duration : 3 months
Budget : $15,000


JavaBean Cafe came to us with a problem: Their existing website was outdated, confusing, and was not generating the sales or engagement they needed to grow their business. After an initial audit, we identified a number of areas that could be optimized, from navigation and content layout to the introduction of an e-commerce component.


  • User Experience : The existing website had a complex navigation system and outdated layout.
  • Mobile Responsiveness : Over 50% of the site's traffic came from mobile devices, but the site was not optimized for these users.
  • E-commerce : The client wanted to introduce online sales but had no existing infrastructure to do so.
  • SEO : The site had poor search engine rankings, contributing to low visibility and traffic.


User Interviews and Surveys

We interviewed current customers and target users to understand what they were looking for in a coffee shop website. The key takeaways included:

  1. A desire for an easy-to-navigate menu with clear pricing
  2. A preference for visually pleasing design elements
  3. A need for quick access to locations and opening hours

Competitor Analysis

We studied websites of direct competitors as well as major industry players to understand best practices in the coffee shop website design space. This helped us identify design trends, common features, and user expectations.

Design Phase


Initial wireframes were created to map out the user flow and page layouts. We focused on creating a simple yet intuitive navigation system.

Mockups and Prototypes

We created high-fidelity mockups and clickable prototypes in Adobe XD. The design aimed to reflect the warmth and casual elegance of the JavaBean brand.

Feedback Loops

Before finalizing the design, we shared the mockups with users and stakeholders for feedback, making necessary iterations based on their input.

Development and Implementation

The site was developed on WordPress, using custom themes and plugins to achieve the desired functionality. An e-commerce section was added using WooCommerce.


We conducted rigorous tests on various devices and browsers to ensure functionality and responsiveness. A/B testing was also carried out to gauge the effectiveness of different design elements.


  • User Engagement : Time on site increased by 40%.
  • Sales : Introduction of the e-commerce component saw a 20% increase in overall sales.
  • Mobile Responsiveness : Bounce rate on mobile devices decreased by 30%.
  • SEO : Organic search traffic increased by 25%.

Conclusion and Future Recommendations

The redesigned website for JavaBean Cafe resulted in improved user experience and increased sales. While the immediate results have been promising, we recommend periodic usability testing and performance analytics to continue optimizing the site. Future enhancements like introducing a loyalty program and mobile app integration can add further value to the user experience and boost sales.