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Case Study: Website Design for Arc Home Care Services

home care service company website design

Executive Summary

Arc Home Care Services needed to redesign its website to improve the user experience, provide accurate information about its services, and strengthen the brand's digital presence. This case study outlines the complete design process from discovery to deployment, highlighting the key successes and improvements.

The Challenge

The original website for Arc Home Care Services was outdated and not user-friendly. The website faced the following challenges:

  • Inefficient navigation
  • Lack of responsive design
  • Outdated content and visuals
  • Low conversion rates
  • Poor representation of the company’s services and brand image


  1. To create a user-friendly website design with an intuitive interface
  2. To implement a responsive design for multi-device compatibility
  3. To improve conversion rates through clear call-to-actions (CTAs)
  4. To update and provide accurate information about services and client testimonials
  5. To maintain brand consistency across all digital platforms


  1. Discovery Phase : Comprehensive research was conducted to understand the user persona, website analytics, and business goals.

  2. Planning Phase : A site map was developed to outline the website's new structure. Content strategy was also formulated during this phase.

  3. Design Phase : Wireframes were created, followed by high-fidelity mockups of the new website, focusing on a simple and intuitive interface design.

  4. Development Phase : A responsive, accessible website was developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks, adhering to best practices and SEO guidelines.

  5. Testing Phase : The website underwent rigorous testing on various devices and browsers to ensure a bug-free experience.

  6. Deployment and Launch : The website was launched and monitored for performance and user engagement.

Tools and Technologies Used

  • Adobe XD for wireframing and mockups
  • WordPress for CMS
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end development
  • Google Analytics for performance tracking


  1. Improved User Experience : The new design resulted in a 40% decrease in bounce rate and a 30% increase in average session duration.

  2. Increased Conversion : Clear CTAs led to a 25% increase in client inquiries through the website within the first month of launch.

  3. Responsive Design : The website is now fully functional on a variety of devices, improving engagement rates by 20%.

  4. Accurate Information : Updates to service information and the addition of client testimonials added credibility and improved user trust.

  5. Strengthened Brand Image : The new website design is consistent with the brand's image and messaging, increasing brand recognition and loyalty.


The redesign of Arc Home Care Services’ website was a significant success, meeting all the objectives laid out at the beginning of the project. The website is now a valuable asset for the company, providing potential clients with a user-friendly, informational, and interactive experience that accurately represents the brand and its services.