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Case Study: Redesigning the Website for 'Skyline Office Rentals'

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Skyline Office Rentals is a company specializing in providing office space solutions for businesses of all sizes. With a portfolio boasting multiple locations in key business districts, the company had a glaring inconsistency in its digital presence—its website. Noticing a decline in user engagement and a high bounce rate, they engaged our agency to redesign their website to improve user experience and conversion rates.


  1. High Bounce Rate : 65% of visitors left the website within the first 15 seconds.
  2. Poor Mobile Responsiveness : Over 40% of web traffic came from mobile devices but the site was not optimized for them.
  3. Complex Navigation : Users found it difficult to locate essential information, including pricing and location details.
  4. Brand Inconsistency : The website did not reflect the brand’s premium positioning or messaging.


  1. Reduce the bounce rate to under 40%.
  2. Optimize for mobile devices.
  3. Streamline navigation.
  4. Reinforce brand identity.

Research & Strategy

  1. User Interviews : Conducted one-on-one interviews with both existing and potential clients to understand their needs and frustrations.
  2. Competitor Analysis : Evaluated the websites of key competitors.
  3. User Journey Mapping : Identified key touchpoints and decision-making factors for users.
  4. SEO Analysis : Conducted a comprehensive SEO audit.

Redesign Implementation

User Interface

  1. Streamlined Navigation : Reduced clutter by focusing on core offerings—short-term, long-term rentals and virtual offices.
  2. Dynamic Search : Introduced an interactive office search feature with filters like location, price, and amenities.

User Experience

  1. Improved Loading Time : Reduced by 50% via optimization techniques.
  2. Mobile-First Design : Ensured the site was fully optimized for mobile usage.


  1. Consistent Visual Language : Integrated the brand's colors, fonts, and key messaging across the site.
  2. High-Quality Images : Used premium images to reflect the brand’s positioning.


  1. Optimized Metadata : Revised meta titles, descriptions, and implemented schema markup.
  2. Content Strategy : Introduced a blog section focusing on office space solutions, community, and business tips.


  1. Bounce Rate : Reduced from 65% to 32% within three months post-launch.
  2. Mobile Engagement : Mobile session durations increased by 60%.
  3. Conversion Rate : Online inquiries and bookings increased by 45%.
  4. SEO Ranking : Moved up 5 positions for primary keywords in search engine results.


The redesign of Skyline Office Rentals' website resulted in significant improvements in user engagement, brand perception, and conversions. The project was a lesson in the critical importance of aligning a website’s design and functionality with both business objectives and user needs.