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Case Study: Website Redesign for Dranex Plumbing Co.

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Dranex Plumbing Co. has been in the plumbing business for over 30 years, serving both residential and commercial customers. However, their website was over 10 years old, non-responsive, and not optimized for search engines. It was doing little to drive new business and was largely seen as an online business card. Our agency was tasked with designing a new, modern website that would act as a lead generation tool, improve customer engagement, and increase the overall brand awareness of Dranex Plumbing Co.


  1. Improve user experience by implementing a responsive design compatible with all devices.
  2. Increase organic search traffic through SEO optimization.
  3. Implement an online appointment-booking system.
  4. Showcase customer testimonials and case studies to build trust and credibility.
  5. Include a blog section for tips and updates, aimed at engaging the audience and improving SEO.


Research and Planning

We began by conducting a website audit to identify weak points in the existing design and content. We also carried out competitor analysis and customer interviews to understand user needs and behavior.


With insights from our research, we sketched wireframes and created mock-ups for the new design, incorporating modern design aesthetics, and focused on ease of navigation and accessibility.


We used a WordPress platform for easy content management. The site was coded to be mobile-responsive and to have quick load times, adhering to the best practices of web development.


We implemented on-page and technical SEO practices, focusing on plumbing-related keywords, meta descriptions, and alt text for images.


The website underwent rigorous testing for speed, usability, and functionality across different devices and web browsers.

Deployment and Monitoring

After successful testing, the website was launched. We monitored its performance using Google Analytics and other monitoring tools.


  1. User Engagement: The average time spent on the website increased by 35%.
  2. Lead Generation: Online appointment bookings increased by 50% within the first month.
  3. SEO: Organic search traffic saw a 40% rise within two months of the new website going live.
  4. Mobile Responsiveness: 60% of visits are now via mobile, with a bounce rate improved by 20%.

Client Testimonial

"Since our website redesign, we've seen a significant increase in customer engagement and lead generation. The new design accurately represents our brand and makes it easier for potential clients to find and contact us."
— John Doe, CEO, Dranex Plumbing Co.


The website redesign for Dranex Plumbing Co. not only gave them a modern, user-friendly website but also provided them with a tool for business growth through improved SEO and customer engagement. With a well-structured appointment booking system and enriched content, they are now well-positioned to serve their community for years to come.