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Case Study: Successful PPC Marketing Strategy for Atlantic Insurance Company

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Atlantic Insurance Company, established in 2003, specializes in auto, home, and life insurance policies. Despite being a significant player in the insurance market, Atlantic was facing challenges in customer acquisition and visibility in the digital sphere. In 2022, the company decided to invest heavily in a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing strategy to gain a competitive advantage.


  1. Increase online visibility by 50%.
  2. Acquire 200 new customers within three months.
  3. Reduce Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 20%.
  4. Improve Click-Through Rate (CTR) to at least 3%.


Keywords Research:

  1. Broad Keywords : 'Auto Insurance,' 'Home Insurance,' 'Life Insurance.'
  2. Long-tail Keywords : 'Affordable car insurance in New York,' 'Home insurance for landlords,' 'Term life insurance quotes.'

Ad Copy:

  1. Headlines : Catchy and directly related to the keywords.
  2. Descriptions : Focused on unique selling propositions, such as discounts, fast quotes, and 24/7 customer service.
  3. Call-To-Action : Clear and compelling, e.g., "Get a Free Quote Today!"

Landing Pages:

  1. Mobile-optimized : Ensuring compatibility with mobile devices.
  2. Personalization : Different landing pages for different ad groups for higher relevance.

Budget and Bidding:

  1. Initial Budget : $10,000/month
  2. Bidding Strategy : Manual CPC with a focus on high-performing keywords.

A/B Testing:

  1. Ad Variations : To identify the most effective headlines and descriptions.
  2. Landing Page Elements : To maximize conversion rates.


The PPC campaign was launched using Google Ads, and Bing Ads focusing primarily on Google's Search and Display networks.



  1. Visibility : Organic traffic increased by 70%, surpassing the initial goal.
  2. New Customers : Acquired 230 new customers within three months.
  3. CPA : Reduced from $150 to $110, a 26.6% decrease.
  4. CTR : Achieved a CTR of 3.5%, exceeding the initial target.


  1. Customer Engagement : Increased customer queries and interactions.
  2. Brand Awareness : The campaign helped in enhancing brand recall and loyalty.

Lessons Learned

  1. Keyword Relevance : Broad keywords attracted more clicks but had lower conversion rates. Focusing on long-tail keywords was more cost-effective.
  2. Ad Schedule : Weekdays between 9 AM to 6 PM showed the highest conversions.
  3. Geo-Targeting : Urban areas had higher conversion rates compared to rural regions.

Future Plans

  1. Expansion of PPC campaigns to other platforms like social media.
  2. Implementation of automation for bidding strategies.
  3. Investing in remarketing strategies to engage past visitors.


The PPC marketing campaign significantly exceeded Atlantic Insurance Company's objectives in customer acquisition, reduced CPA, and increased online visibility and CTR. The campaign has set a new benchmark for the company's digital marketing efforts and provided valuable insights for future strategies.