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Automate customer inquiries with AI-powered chatbot

Harness the power of generative AI to automatically resolve the most customer service inquiries — across more channels and languages — with the least amount of effort.

  • Automated communication
  • Multilingual Bots
  • Human takeover
  • Message rewriting
  • Chatbot Training
  • Chatbot Actions

Put conversations at the center of your business


Analyze your conversational data to uncover what your customers want, feel, and need to drive actionable business decisions. Keep measuring, learning, and improving.


Engage customers on any communication channel — from voice to messaging — and enrich the conversation by integrating all your business systems.


Enable self-service and drive faster resolutions through intelligent automation and LLM-powered conversational AI solutions.

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It’s not about the AI, it’s about the conversation

Rich Messages and Surveys

The chatbot's functionality is on par with that of a human agent! It can send attachments, media, rich messages and surveys, which are easy to create and insert into the chatbot's message.

Knowledge Base

Give your chatbot superpowers with additional knowledge. The chatbot will use your articles, or Knowledge Base questions and answers automatically.


Check missing user questions, track your total number of chatbot chats, view sentiment analysis and much more. Data is always at your fingertips and allows you to fine-tune your chatbot to improve it every day.

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Learn how ParsBiz's chatbot could help your customers

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